Chris Lester is a New Hampshire based singer/multi instrumentalist/songwriter/producer. 

He started performing in New England before moving to California to join Atlantic recording artists Wild Horses. 

Chris also was in the band ZenBoy (who played on the second stage opening for Van Halen) before fronting his own bands UltraSonicCrush and Custom 500. While in California Chris recorded as a session musician as well as a hired gun for artists.

In 2001 Lester moved back to New Hampshire and joined the band Mama Kicks (who won multiple Best Band awards in the Hippo Press). 

In 2010 he played bass/mandolin/acoustic guitar (as well as co-wrote the song My Light) on Sully Erna's Avalon album which broke the Top 25 on Billboard . They have also toured throughout the United States and Canada and released a live DVD that was featured on the Palladia Channel. 

In 2014 Chris had the honor of playing guitar with the legendary Carole King.

2016 saw the release of Sully Erna's Hometown Life album which Chris played bass and acoustic guitar on. He also went to Bulgaria and toured the East Coast playing guitar, bass, mandolin and keyboards. 

He now plays guitar and keyboards as well as sings lead vocals for the Joe Walsh songs in The Dark Desert Eagles (an Eagles tribute with Extreme's Pat Badger and Kevin Figueiredo) as well as performing solo acoustic shows.

Lester is the singer/songwriter/producer for the band Ghosts of Vinyl which released the songs "Zero Gravity" and "Amnesia" on iTunes and Spotify in 2017.

In 2024 Chris played bass on the track “Cosmic Heart” from Ace Frehley’s “10,000 Volts” album.